Fiberglass Products

All of Our Fiberglass Products are Proudly Made in Catron County, N.M. (USA)

We offer an exclusive list of Water Storage and Rain Water Harvesting Products for both potable and non-potable water application uses. Our Products come in a variety of sizes and colors. We are the only FRP Manufacturer to offer a bolt together, above ground, large capacity tank. 

Our Rain Catchment System is a "Showers Family Original Rain Catchment System Since 1986"                                                                                                   

Products We Offer:

*Water Storage Tanks and Troughs

*Rain Catchment (Harvesting) Systems

*Fiberglass Gutters

*Green Houses

*Fiberglass Panels 

Two 10'D. x 8'H. Tanks on trailer for delivery

Services We Offer:

*Installation/ Removal

*On Site Service/ Repairs on all of our Products

*On Site Application and Damage Assessment

*Fiberglass Liner- We can put a Fiberglass Lining in almost any metal- open-top, tank or trough anywhere in the Southwest


A steel tank we can put a fiberglass liner in to make it hold water agian.

We are now selling plastic poly tanks in a range of application uses (Water Storage, Rain Harvesting, Agriculture, and Commercial fluid storage). We carry select sizes and colors of Water Storage Tanks in the yard for immediate sale, all other tanks are currently special order. Call or Visit us for details and prices.


4700 Gallon fiberglass tank being set on concrete pad for potable house water. 


16' Diam. x 6' H. after more than 10 years in service and had to be repaired. this tank is still working after the repair.