Land Restoration

We strive to keep Catron County & New Mexico Rural, Clean and Beautiful.

No Matter What the Job is, WE Get it Done Right!

We offer a large list of Land Restoration Solutions, with a commitment to the land. We commit to always take care of the land, to better the land and offer growth and enrichment to the land. We will never do anything that could take away or harm the land we are trying to help restore.

It is a vital balance that has to be meet, to complete a project for a customer who has a specific idea, and ensure the land will always benefit from the project

*Tree Removal
*Debris and Non-Hazardous Trash Removal
*Dirt Moving- Skid Steer with Operator
*Hunting Improvements for Private Land

Our Fuel wood Cut from 2015 on U.S.F.S. land. Our Cut had an 85% - 90% Burn Rate Success!

We are Proud Partners in the Slaughter Mesa Restoration Project.

Services We Offer:

 *Erosion Control 
*Scrap Iron Removal
*Wildlife Management Solutions 
*And Much More!!!

A natural spring we installed a water catchment box into to run water into a galvanzed trough for wildlfie drinking water.

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*Fire Prevention (Through Fuel Wod Removal)
*Water Holding and Delivery Solutions for livestock and wildlife
*Livestock Grazing and Land Management Solutions


Click Here for Completed Project(s) Pictures-Coming Soon!

An erosion control project we completed for a private land owner.