We sell firewood all year long. There are few times in a year we can not cut firewood and even less times we can't  sell it.

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We offer a variety of Firewood species and options to suite your needs.

Retail Customers

We sell firewood by the bundle, Row ( 5' Wide x 2.5' High x Length of firewood), 1/4 cord, 1/2 cord, 3/4 cords and full cords. 

We sell a "True Cord". A cord of wood equals 128 cu. ft.  (4' x 4' x 8'). We pride ourselves on knowing we always sell a true cord. When a customer pays for a cord the customer expects to receive a true cord of wood. And we do not take advantage of customers who don't know what a true cord is. We are willing to educate.

*Alligator Juniper 
*Utah "Shaggy Bark" Cedar
*Ponderosa Pine


We strive to only salvage bio-fuels (Cut Firewood) from sustainable projects and resources to ensure our Firewood Products only come from 100% Renewable Energy Sources. All of our fuel wood is harvested legally and in an environmentally responsible manner, through private land owner and government fire prevention, land restoration, livestock grazing and wildlife habitat management and improvement projects and resources. We only buy fuel wood from those who can prove to us they also harvest their fuel wood legally and in an environmentally responsible manner.

A Semitrailer Filled for a Commercial Wholesale Customer

Our Fuel wood Cut from 2015 on U.S.F.S. land. Our Cut had an 85% - 90% Burn Rate Success!

We are Proud Partners in the Slaughter Mesa Restoration Project.

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*Split Firewood
*Specialty Length Orders (Less than 12" Length)  

Juniper Firewood being split and loaded for a residential delivery.

Our Company Firewood Bundles Sold at the Local Gas Station