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Over 15 Years of Work Experience, and a Lifetime of Knowledge!

We strive to keep Catron County & New Mexico Rural, Clean and Beautiful.

No Matter What the Job is, WE Get it Done Right!

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We offer an exclusive list of Water Storage and Rain Water Harvesting Products for both potable and non-potable water application uses. Our Products come in a variety of sizes and colors. We are the only FRP Manufacturer to offer a bolt together, above ground, large capacity tank. 

*Repairs and Service on all of our products

*We can put a Fiberglass Liner in almost any metal, open-top tank or trough


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We offer a variety of fuelwood species and options to suite your needs. All of our fuelwood is harvested legally and in an environmentally responsible manner, through private land owner and government fire prevention, land restoration, livestock grazing and wildlife habitat management and improvement projects and resources. We only buy fuelwood from those who can prove to us they also harvest their fuelwood legally and in an environmentally responsible manner.

*We buy and sell firewood all year!!!

We are now selling plastic poly tanks in a range of application uses (Water Storage, Rain Harvesting, Agriculture, and Commercial fluid storage). We carry select sizes and colors of Water Storage Tanks in the yard for immediate sale, all other tanks are currently special order. Call or Visit us for details and prices.


We offer a large list of Land Restoration Solutions, with a commitment to the land. We commit to always take care of the land, to better the land and offer growth and enrichment to the land. We will never do anything that could take away or harm the land we are trying to help restore. It is a vital balance that has to be meet, to complete a project for a customer which had a specific idea, and ensure the land will always benefit from the project.